Facilities for paddle, football and soccer in Florence

In the framework of a sports centre with gymnasium and outdoor fields for different disciplines.

Also published in: Tsport 319

The intervention described in these pages involves the modification of the existing football and five-a-side football fields with the addition of two paddle courts; moreover, for the soccer field, a temporary pressostatic coverage has been provided for the winter months.
Of particular interest are the two paddle fields with glazed shores, built on a concrete screed floor covered with green synthetic grass.
The fields, each 10 x 20 m long, are surrounded by a system of nets and stained-glass windows, which are used to play the game. Every two metres, along the perimeter of the field, iron uprights anchored to the screed are placed. The short sides and the first part of the long sides are covered with stained-glass windows for a height of three metres, surmounted by a metre of nylon netting, the remaining parts of the long sides are covered with nylon netting for a height of 3 metres.
Given the presence of a landscape restriction on the area, the design took care that the intervention was not appreciable from the panoramic points, without the creation of volumes that could interfere with the landscape.