Cesena: Adaptation of the “Manuzzi” Stadium for the Under-21 European Championships.

The stadium in Cesena has been brought into line with European regulations that allow matches to be played for the under-21 championships to be held in June.

Also published in: Tsport 325

The main requirements of the UEFA committee were: to increase the width of the pitch from 67 metres to 68; to transform the surface of the pitch, already synthetic, into natural grass or mixed natural/synthetic grass; to equip the entire stadium with individual, fireproof seats with a backrest at least 30 cm high.

The existing synthetic covering has not been removed. A special operation has been carried out on it, which has allowed the homologation by the LND.
First of all, the existing vegetal infill was removed. The synthetic covering was then pierced with holes pushed to the underlying inert drainage; the holes were filled with sand, then a new vegetal infill was laid in the synthetic covering with a thickness of 6 cm. Finally, a meadow of pre-cultivated weed was placed in rolls.

For the structures of the concrete steps it was considered appropriate to carry out a protective resin coating 30 years after their construction, considering that with the installation of the seats this intervention would have been impossible.
Therefore, after the recovery of the concrete structures, a protective treatment of the surface of the steps was carried out, using a particular processing cycle with specific products.

With regard to the seats, before the intervention only the seats of the grandstand and the lower ring were in conformity. Seats were therefore installed in the upper and lower sectors of the two curves and only in the upper sector of the stalls, for a total of 13,196 positions.
The structural interventions will be followed by other works for preparations to support the European sporting event, in particular concerning the workstations for the media and the press.