New Swimming Pool of the Valle d’Agri in Viggiano (Potenza)

The new Viggiano swimming resort, in Basilicata, whose project was published on Tsport n.302, was inaugurated last December.

Also published in: Tsport 319

The identification of the morphology of the intervention has privileged some priority aspects: functionality and accessibility, preservation of the peculiarities of the area, principles of passive architecture, environmental integration into the green context, safety and rationality.
We take back the description, accompanying it with the images of the finished plant.

The new indoor swimming pool is the result of the composition of a main volume consisting of the pools hall with reinforced concrete structure and laminated wood beams with an intermediate support consisting of a double lamellar fork and a sloping pitched roof in functional adjacency on the north side with a two-storey building housing on the ground floor the entrance, reception and changing rooms of the users with all the service rooms and on the first floor an area in front of the pool with a fitness destination with the finish of the rustic of future completion and a technical area designed to house the AHU air treatment machines, the thermal power plant and the subterranean room. In the basement are located all the plant areas related to the water treatment of the pool.
The structure is completed by an outdoor solarium overlooking the valley, at midday exposure, with a side view to the east and west, summer extension of all those indoor activities dedicated to wellness in the water.