Grinzane Cavour (Cuneo): the whole new football field in Gallo

The renovated synthetic turf sports field in Grinzane was inaugurated on 9 October after an intervention that involved both the mantle and the substrate and the furnishings.

(Photo: Google Earth)

The field, located in the fraction of Gallo, was the first made in synthetic grass by Mondo (the company that is based in the same locality but in the municipality of Alba), and Mondo itself won the tender for the execution of the renovation of the old turf.

In addition to the synthetic surface, the subfloor and irrigation system have been redone; in addition, the goals have been replaced, new benches have been laid in accordance with FIGC standards, and one hundred seats on the stands.

The cost of about 355,000 euro was borne thanks to the CRC foundation and an interest-free loan stipulated with the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo on European funds, obtained by the Union of Municipalities “Colline di Langa e Barolo”.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, with the young members of the Langa Calcio, there were the Mayor of Grinzane Cavour Gianfranco Garau, the President of the Langa Calcio Nicola Parusso, the MEP Alberto Cirio, Giuliano Viglione of the CRC Foundation, Roberto Passone President of the Union of Municipalities, Enrico Giacca regional councillor of the FIGC, and the top management of the Mondo Maurizio and Loredana Stroppiana with the managing director Moreno Businaro.