An innovative hybrid grass with open backing

The POWERgrass system, that combines synthetic turf and natural grass, has a unique open backing which makes the natural roots brief and better anchored.

Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Stadium in Rriyadh

The key elements of the system are a) the backing comprises a three-dimensional, porous, uniform, non-biodegradable knitted net; the net has tear resistance ≥500 Newton; the holes in the net are irregularly shaped to allow root penetration and prevent the passage of sand; the backing also includes a thin geotextile that offers an insulating effect to the roots b) resilient synthetic fibres resistant to maintenance; the monofilaments are 55-65 mm in height arranged in quantities between 75-96 thousand per square meter c) the synthetic fibres are bonded to the backing with a force ≥35 Newton; binding does not obstruct the holes in the backing; the hybrid carpet as a whole is soft, elastic and foldable at 180°, d) the system must be installed with the rolls stitched together and the elastic element and the sand mixture with the system additives evenly distributed, raising the synthetic fibres on the surface.