Italian Padel: padel courts completely Made in Italy

Forgiafer follows the entire production of the Italian Padel courts, from design to the choice of raw materials and each component.

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forgiafer italian padel made in italy

Forgiafer is the Brescia-based company – a European leader with thirty years of experience in carpentry – that follows the entire production of Italian Padel courts, from design to the choice of raw materials and every single component, taking care of every detail and every customization, for a final product entirely Made in Italy.
The company is in full expansion, and relies on the fundamental contribution of human capital in the processes of design, production, installation and maintenance of padel courts, thanks to engineers, designers and specialized installers.

Ethics and quality as corporate philosophies

Thanks to its production capacity and its 70 employees, Forgiafer produces what are the best courts on the market and offers 10 years of warranty: since the beginning of the activity in 2016, it has installed more than 1,600 courts in 19 countries around the world, from Europe, to the United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Mauritius, Canada. The goal for the next two years is to distribute 65% of the achievements on the foreign market, while already in 2022 the company will reach an annual production capacity of 1500 fields.
Since 2018, the products are CE certified according to EN 1090-1, recalled by NCT 2018 and Legislative Decree 106/2017 in compliance with EU Regulation No. 305/2011.

CE Marking, which is mandatory in Europe, represents a focus on safety and provides a number of additional benefits for customers.
With the adaptation of the structures to the NCT 2018, the Italian Padel courts are resistant to the thrust of the wind over 100 Km/h; the glasses of the court are tempered laminated and have a thickness of 6+6 mm with plastic interlayer, which implies greater resistance, greater rebound, and greater safety; finally, the structure, with increased thickness, is fully galvanized, the welds are anti-corrosion and the painting is done in powder, thus implying greater resistance to abrasion, and greater durability.

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