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Studio di Architettura - Baldi Margheriti Associati

via Guglielmi 27 - 05100 Terni
(+39) 0744 585 82    
Contact: Luciano Baldi - Paola Margheriti     


Palazzatto dello sport a Terni - 2019

The activity of the architectural firm Baldi Margheriti Associati is based in Terni where it has been operating since 1986 and covers all aspects related to design and construction management. The studio is also particularly active in participating in national and international design competitions, including the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinky, the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, and the new Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Among the main competitions won, the first phase of the Redevelopment Competition of the European district of Brussels and the competition for the Collescipoli cemetery, while under project financing he designed the multifunctional complex of the swimming pools of the stadium in Terni (inaugurated in 2015) and the new Palaterni, under construction. (start of construction 2020).

The design activities are also pursued by developing synergies with the art world (experiences with the artists Piero Dorazio, Eliseo Mattiacci and Carlo Lorenzetti) and in the field of infrastructures, especially in collaboration with the Sintagma Engineering Company (new Metro line a Istanbul and competition for the new Naples Metro station) “.

On the theme of urban regeneration, the studio is currently involved in the redevelopment of the former fruit and vegetable market and the area of ​​the former foro boario in Terni. the implementation plan of Ancarano (Norcia).

Recently the studio coordinated the feasibility project of the new Ternana Calcio stadium