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Buccione Architects

via XXIV Maggio, 65 - 00046 Grottaferrata (Rm)
(+39) 06 941 2777     (+39) 06 941 2777    
Contact: Roberto Buccione - Matteo Buccione    

Facilities and sport surface

An innovative vision and philosophy of intervention, translate into a wide versatility of different surfaces for a multifaceted user.

Welcoming at different times of the day, on the same floor/space, level athletes, sportsmen for recreational practice, young and old, is the basic element of reading and becomes a winning solution to allow the maximum economic balance of the public and/or private investment.

The Buccione Studio

The studio Roberto Buccione Architect was founded in 1980.
The first work experiences were addressed, for the natural youthful training of the owner, to the athletic sports facilities.

With the years the activity of the Studio, as an aggregation of different collaborators and technicians, has undertaken a path towards a modern research for the creation of spaces suitable for the practice of any indoor and outdoor sport activity.

This choice to design surfaces and volumes with a vision linked to the territory has allowed to insert with balance the new specific spaces that all the motor activities require: the possibility to make the volumes less conspicuous and organically inserted in the environment is a peculiar feature of the professional production of Studio Buccione.