Fencing facility in Frascati

The Frascati fencing facility was built in the 1970s, to support the local sports group. Recently the entire fencing room has been renovated with the addition of 20 electrified platforms, paved with the support of a special elastic mat.

Also published in: Tsport 319

The renovations have hit the entire surface of the fencing room with the removal of the fragile parts of the old screed.
An important intervention was the positioning of the different cable passes necessary for low voltage connections to control the hits with the placement of the indicators along the walls instead of at the center of the platforms.
These were made with the application of the Regupol mattress with a thickness of 14 mm in black; subsequently, in order to optimize the thickness of the fencing platforms, a 4 mm thick red floor was also installed, glued to the previous mat.

The synergy between CONI and A.S.D. Frascati Scherma has been constructive over the years and full of great results, creating in the course of many decades a unique reality in the national and international scene in the sport of fencing.
The Palmares shown in the box allows you to understand how a simple sports structure is able, with the constant and daily work of the athletes, technicians and managers, to be a concrete and efficient testimony in the world of fencing.