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Cavatorta produces wire and wire mesh for fences in rolls or panels.

The fence

Replax T-Sport is a single twist, square mesh wire mesh. The wires of the net, in galvanized steel, are coated with PVC. The plasticization is obtained through the exclusive “Galvaplax Process” sintering process. The use is for fences which must ensure high shock absorption. Equipped with system accessories, in heights of 220 and 250 cm, Replax T-Sport is able to ensure the performance required by the Ministerial Decree of 18 March 1996, the new UNI13200-3 standard and the Ministerial Decree of 6 June 2005 (Pisanu Decree) with regard to the safety of internal and external perimeter separators in football stadiums. Guaranteed, under normal conditions of use, against corrosion for over 10 years. Replax T-Sport mesh is produced in rolls of 10 m, with protective caps at the ends, in bundles of 9 rolls each.

La Replax T-Sport:

  • absorbs shocks without deforming thanks to the large diameter of the wires, the mesh size and the way the wires that make up the net are connected;
  • ensures excellent frontal and lateral visibility of the playing field even from a very close position to the net;
  • effectively resists corrosion for a long time thanks to the special way in which the wires are plasticized.

The compliance of the Replax T-Sport system with the Ministerial Decree of 18 March 1996 (as amended) and the new UNI EN 13200-3 standard is subject to compliance with the correct installation methods. On request, technical drawings of the fence can be supplied in compliance with UNI EN 13200-3 and current ministerial regulations.

Pedestrian gates and driveways

The pedestrian and driveway gates are made of steel, yellow plasticized (RAL 1012), with perimeter frame and support poles, both in steel square tube, with electrowelded wire mesh mirrors and steel locking system components. The support poles are equipped with plastic caps at the top and adjustable hinges.


Square/rectangular section profiled steel pole, made from hot-dip galvanised sheet metal, plasticised with green pvc (RAL 6005), with the head closed hermetically by a green plastic cap.

Galvaplax Process

“Galvaplax Process” is the exclusive sintering plasticization process of Cavatorta to give the galvanized wire mesh characteristics of durability and corrosion resistance. The process provides an intimate and solid bond between the metal surface of the wire and PVC, while enhancing the aesthetic properties of the coating such as uniformity and gloss.