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Disano Illuminazione Spa

viale Lombardia, 129 - 20089 Rozzano (MI)
(+39) 02 824771      (+39) 02 8252355     
Contact: Fabio Ugazio - Andrea Balsarini    


Disano Illuminazione - Forum LED

Disano Illuminazione - Forum

Disano illuminazione, founded in 1957, developed rapidly and established itself with a number of products that became market leaders, such as watertight fittings and street lighting fixtures.

Growth was accompanied by constant investment in industrial and commercial development, which led the company to expand its production to cover all areas of public, commercial and industrial lighting. Disano illuminazione is today one of the best known and most appreciated Italian lighting brands in Europe and worldwide.

Disano lighting for sport

With regard to sports lighting, both outdoor and indoor, Disano projectors have been chosen for major international competitions, such as the World Football Championships in Russia 2018 and in Qatar 2022, the European Games in Baku, the Winter Olympics in Sochi and Turin, the ski slopes in Cortina or the stadiums in Marassi or Camp Nou in Barcelona, passing the stringent tests of the world’s top sports bodies: Fifa (the World Football Federation) and the Olympic Committee. Forum Led projectors (Disano) in particular are used in stadiums, sports facilities and large infrastructures in Italy, Europe and around the world.

Disano products are also designed for the needs of small facilities and amateur sports, a contribution to health and well-being under the sign of technology.

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