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Hauraton Italia Srl

via A. Grandi, 10 - 60027 Osimo (AN)
(+39) 071 7202148     
Contact: Silvia Di Genova    


Hauraton - the plant

SPORTFIX®CLEAN filters out the smallest particles

Founded in 1999 in Osimo, HAURATON Italy deals with drainage, treatment and dispersion of rainwater with the aim of making our territory safer for a common well-being.

The Mission of HAURATON Italy is to educate all professionals on the importance of drainage, treatment and dispersion of rainwater in all areas: roads, highways, ports, airports, formula one runways, sports facilities, World Athletics accredited athletic tracks, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc..

Hauraton and sport

HAURATON has a whole range of products at its disposal for the sports sector: the SPORTFIX line conforms to the World Athletics guidelines.

Thanks to over 60 years of experience, the HAURATON GmbH group, founded in 1956 in Rastatt, Germany, has carried out numerous prestigious projects in airports (Pisa, Bergamo, Aviano, Ancona, Bologna, Lamezia Terme, Capodichino, Milan, Pescara, Mexico, Istanbul, Frankfurt, etc.), on various roads and motorways, but especially in many national and international stadiums. The company has been the official supplier for all the stadiums where the football world championships were held in 2014 in Brazil, in 2018 in Moscow and the European championships in Poland in 2012.


Certfications: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, products certified according to the European standard EN 1433, products with PDO (declaration of performance according to CPR 305/11), Singapore Green Building Product Certificate for the RECYFIX line, Recognition of general building inspections by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt), products conforming to IAAF directives, holds numerous internationally recognized patents and utility models.