Trento: Upgrading of the Covi e Postal school camp

The athletics flooring has been replaced in view of the renewal of the Fidal homologation, with a finished retopping in the colours blue and ochre.

Also published in: Tsport 336

Having checked the state of slight deterioration of the existing flooring, it was decided to intervene with a project that, while maintaining the measurements and geometries of the track and the jump areas already homologated, could redevelop the outdoor athletics facility.
The operator of the Covi e Postal track and field decided to proceed with the functional recovery of the track surface and the platforms through a renovation of the surface itself.

Not only were the costs of the entire operation, which was decidedly lower than the total renovation of the surface, but above all the positive checks on the existing surface, which made it possible to use it as the “base” for the new flooring, decisive in the choice.
The pre-existing prefabricated covering was therefore milled and a new flooring consisting of a prefabricated SBR rubber mat, an intermediate layer of self-levelling resin and a final finish in sown rubber granules was laid in adherence.

All this was completed by the repositioning of the existing aluminium kerb, the new marking of the lanes, jumps, starts, etc. and the naming of the track according to FIDAL regulations.
Minor works were carried out on the platforms of the jumps and launches, including the widening of the fall zones of the long jump/triple jump, with the insertion of sand recovery gratings, and the arrangement of rainwater collection channels along the edges of the platforms.