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Mario Orlando & Figli Srl

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Mario Orlando & Figli - outdoor amphitheatre, Olimpia Cilento Resort

Mario Orlando & Figli - Circular grandstand, tourist facility (Pollina)

MARIO ORLANDO & FIGLI designs and manufactures modular solutions for shows and sports facilities: stages, stands, platforms, solariums, stands, metal barriers and anti-panic barriers. Customized for specific needs.

GRANDSTANDS – Versatile patented modular structures, suitable for stands and steps for any type of pre-existing system. They are made of S235 JR H and S355 JOH quality steel profiles; the corrosion protection system is hot-dip galvanised.
The walking surfaces are made of press-bent galvanised sheet metal and non-slip punched.

The Mario Orlando Modular Grandstands can be equipped with benches with fireproof birch insert, or with fireproof polypropylene seats (with or without backrest), available in different colours.

STAGES – The exclusive patented interlocking system of the components allows a quick assembly, allowing the use of both surfaces of the panel. The walking surface is made up of panels measuring 200×50 cm, thickness 27 mm, made up of 3 layers of fir wood.
Alternatively, special 19-layer birch panels, fireproof, are available.
The corrosion protection system of the metal structure is hot-dip galvanised.
The load capacity is 600 kg/m², certified by static verification calculations.

SOLARIUM and WALKWAYS – The versatility of the Mario Orlando Modular Stage makes it possible to create perfect platforms that can be used as solariums or walkways on swimming pools, even in impervious positions, on rocks or with strong differences in height.

COVERING – Both stages and stands can be equipped with covers.

FOOTBOARDS – The Mario Orlando Modular Footboard is made of light, quick to set up, interlocking aluminium profiles. The walking surface is solid, made up of panels measuring 100 x 50 cm, thickness 27 mm, available in yellow or light mahogany colours. Alternatively, special 19-layer birch panels are available, fireproof.
The structure can be easily levelled through the adjustment of special screw feet; the height can vary from 10 to 30 cm. The capacity is 500 Kg/m².

GAZEBO E STAND – The structure of the multi-purpose gazebos is composed of prefabricated elements in galvanized S235 JR quality steel, while the roof and perimeter closure are in 680gr/m² PVC, fireproof.
The Mario Orlando Stand is a modular box made of fir wood walls (thickness mm 27). The cover is in fireproof PVC.

METAL BARRIER – The classic one used for road safety or city events. It is in hot galvanized steel; weight 16 kg; length 225 cm; height 110 cm. On request, the reflective strip can be customised with logo.

ANTIPANIC METAL BARRIER – It is used as a protective device for events in areas with high crowds, such as concerts and sporting events. Galvanized and stove enamelled steel structure; width 100 cm; height 120 cm.