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The POWERgrass hybrid system

Inaugurazione dello stadio Tony Bezzina - Malta

POWERgrass is a company that specializes in hybrid grass sports flooring. The POWERgrass system offers the benefits of natural grass combined with low maintenance costs because the system’s hybrid turf protects plants from intensive play. The regenerative agriculture maintenance method creates a symbiotic ecosystem between the vegetation and microorganisms. The natural grass grows vigorously and contributes to temperature reduction and sequesters carbon, while also purifying the air of dust, providing a positive environmental impact.

POWERgrass hybrid grass offers the ideal solution for players, investors and sports field maintainers. The backing of the hybrid grass system incorporates up to 3% synthetic turf to counteract the wear and tear of natural turf. The remaining 97% of the turf is covered by natural grass. The goal is to provide a surface that is always playable and most importantly, free of potholes.