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Sibelco Italia Spa

Via Fabio Filzi, 25/A - 20124 Milano
800 942 022     

Quarries in Italy    
Robilante (CN), SS20 Regione Ponte Nuovo
Sessa Aurunca (CE), via Stazione
Abbazia di Fossa Nuova (LT), loc. Ripa o Mucchi

Enrico Sopini (Sales North / North Center)
Stefano Cecconi (Sales South / South Center)    

Sibelco Italia produces, processes and markets a wide range of silica sands with optimal chemical and particle size specifications, used in various sports sectors. Below is an overview of our products and their applications in different types of sports surfaces:

TURFSIL Artificial: our range of filler sands, dried and coarse, specific for synthetic grass fields (intended for football, padel, field hockey, tennis), for which certification has also been obtained by the National Amateur Football League. TURFSIL Artificial sands have specific granulometry and help to weight the carpet, improve drainage, minimize wear and extend the life of synthetic fibers.

TURFSIL Natural: our range of sands dedicated to Golf guarantees extreme quality and consistency in the construction and maintenance of greens, fairways, tees and bunkers throughout the year. Additionally, our sands can be blended with an organic amendment such as peat or earth for high performance top-dressing / rootzones. Another important application of the Turfsil Natural range is represented by soccer / rugby fields in natural grass.

EQUESIL: Our fine sand line helps create high performance equestrian surfaces with optimal levels of firmness and traction. Our products can be used in the land dedicated to the main equestrian specialties.

COBANASIL: semi-round sand with an attractive color, which guarantees compactness and absence of dust in beach volleyball / beach soccer fields. In particular for beach volleyball, Sibelco is the official supplier of sands for the Swatch World Championship, recently also for the Olympic Preparation Center – CONI in Tirrenia dedicated to Beach Volley / Beach Soccer and FIVB certified. The COBANASIL range is also used in athletics, in particular in the long jump.