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All you need is ... more Outdoor Fitness with Skyfitness!

Skyfitness: esempio di Outdoor Gym sotto casa

Skyfitness is an Italian company specialising in the production and sale of all-round outdoor fitness equipment: all Skyfitness equipment has been developed on the basis of precise biomechanics of human body movement; they are developed with materials that guarantee maximum durability over time; they are customisable in colour; and they are TÜV certified to attest to their promised qualities. Skyfitness boasts the most comprehensive line of outdoor fitness equipment, which can cater for every specific training target, from ‘Calisthenics’ to ‘Street Workout’, from ‘cardio-fitness’ to functional training, and even an inclusive line for the disabled. The preponderant element of Skyfitness equipment is the hot-dip galvanised steel and HDPE plastics that allow the equipment to be displayed outdoors 365 days a year, even at the beach and in the mountains.

Building on the experience of Outdoor Fitness equipment, Skyfitness has also developed a complete line of “Playground” playground equipment for children, again using the highest quality materials and qualities that distinguish Skyfitness products, as well as a catalogue of street furniture supplies that denote innovative design. Therefore, for a planner, Skyfitness is a great resource, being able to directly support and realise the 3 spheres of interest in a park: FITNESSPLAYGROUNDURBAN FURNITURE. All with the utmost experience in the sector.

To date, Skyfitness boasts more than 500 installations in Italy and has a sales network covering the entire national territory. In fact, Skyfitness does not just produce and sell, but can bring the customer a ‘turnkey’ package that goes from the precise design of the area to be realised to the installation with ad hoc specialised teams.

All equipment is Tüv certified, the international body that guarantees the safety, quality and production chain of the equipment. In addition, all Skyfitness equipment has a design registered with Euipo to ensure greater uniqueness as the specific design of Skyfitness machines has also been developed with a functional aspect to ensure maximum strength and performance of the equipment.

However, Skyfitness’ work does not stop with the complete installation of the area, but offers, included in the price, a Warranty that ensures the replacement of the smallest element to the replacement of the entire machine.

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