Apen Group at the ‘Il Lope’ Sports Centre with a customized project

In the south of Milan, Famagosta district, the ‘Il Lope’ sports centre has recently been renovated. The centre consists of two pressure structures and a tensile structure covering Beach Volley and Padel courts, all air-conditioned by Apen Group AH Sport series heating units, specially designed for use in combination with a hot water system connected to a district heating system.

In the design phases of the renovation, the energy sources present before the intervention were taken into consideration at the plant engineering level. In particular, for the heating systems the source is hot water, supplied by the district heating station inside the building.

On the basis of the data provided by the designer, Apen Group has created customised generators/substitutors capable of providing the best climatic and acoustic comfort based also on the characteristics of the structure and the type of sport being played.

The plus points of our AH Sport series are: the possibility of system control guaranteed by the Smart Web chronothermostat, which allows the management of time bands, set points and operating and diagnostic parameters, and the versatility of use, as it can be integrated with both district heating and heat pumps, in solutions where you choose not to use gas.

The machines are modular, consisting of mechanically identical modules with exchange coil and fan section. In the electrical control panel there is an electronic board with a master control function and on board each module there is a connection and safety board.

The air is supplied at a fixed temperature that can be set and the heat supply is dependent on the ambient temperature. Air movement is handled by high-efficiency fans powered by 230V single-phase, with integrated frequency control; the air flow rate is variable and settable.

For pressostatic covers, the smart control regulates the pressure inside the balloon during both the heating and holding phases.

The system is easy to install, only the electrical and hydraulic connections are the installer’s responsibility.

(News by Apen Group).