Apen Group heating units at the Palavillage

The new Apen Group heating units at the Palavillage in Grugliasco (Turin) guarantee efficiency, energy savings and respect for the environment.

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Apen Group has realized an interesting project for the heating of the Palavillage in Grugliasco (Turin). The sports complex consists of 11 padel courts, 3 beach volleyball courts and a gymnasium, all air-conditioned by Apen Group AH series heating units, positioned outside the structure.

The system, which is the result of Apen Group’s technology and experience in the treatment of hot air, was created with the aim of obtaining a product of the highest quality in terms of efficiency, energy savings and respect for the environment.

As reported in an interview with the architect who directed the Palavillage heating project, one of the requirements was a level of air quality appropriate to the number of people attending the sports centre.

The choice of Apen Group’s AH series machines ensured both an efficient thermal result and optimum air quality. The AH heating unit, depending on size and space, is available in a wide range of models from 105 kW to 420 kW.

The Apen Group heating units can be installed both inside and outside the rooms to be heated.
The small size and modularity of the product allow for easy installation, simplifying the replacement of old systems, even in small spaces that are difficult to access, without the need for demolition or masonry work.

The heart of the Apen Group AH modular units is the heat exchanger in AISI 441 stainless steel with a low carbon content to guarantee high reliability and long life, and the burner controlled by the board that manages fault signalling, ignition, shutdown and modulation of the premixed modulating gas burner with very low polluting emissions.

The exchanger module has a modulating operativity, i.e. the thermal power delivered and, consequently, the thermal capacity (fuel consumption), vary according to the heat demand.

As the demand for heat from the environment decreases, the heater consumes less gas, increasing its efficiency up to 105% (efficiency on Hi).

Efficiency and consumption savings are also achieved thanks to the DDMP fans with integrated high-efficiency inverter that manage air movement while reducing noise. The air flow rate is variable and can be set via a potentiometer located inside the hot air generator module compartment.

The remote control of the new SmartWeb series acts as a stand-alone chronothermostat and can be used to control multiple types of systems. SmartWeb controls the heater guaranteeing operation with maximum efficiency, minimum energy consumption and the possibility of accessing tax deductions and the Conto termico. This user-friendly control allows a wide choice of possible adjustments and a clear reading of the operating parameters and the resolution of any technical interventions.

The AH series complies with the ECODESIGN ErP 2021 regulation, is built in accordance with the UNI, UNICIG, CEI technical standards and is certified by the Kiwa-Gastec approval body in accordance with Gas Appliances Regulation 2016/426/EU.

With Apen Group AH Units, in case of replacement of the heating system, it is possible to access the tax deduction on the purchase price of the products and the implementation of the system, including the disposal of the existing system.

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