By Apen Group air conditioning for pressostatic roofs

Packaged heating units and floor-standing condensing hot air generators are available in a wide range of models for all air conditioning needs of indoor sports facilities.

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At the “Tennis Calcetto Barona” Sports Centre in Milan, there are padel courts, five-a-side football pitches and tennis courts, all air-conditioned with Apen Group products: AH-SPORT, Condensation Packaged Heating Units, and PK-SPORT, Condensation Basement Warm Air Generators

The AH-Sport heating unit is available in a wide range of models from 105 kW to 320 kW.

The heart of the AH-Sport units is the stainless steel heat exchanger with integrated modulating premix gas burner with very low pollutant emissions, which allows efficiencies of 109%.

Efficiency and consumption savings are achieved thanks to the DDMP fans with integrated high-efficiency inverter that manage air movement while reducing noise.

The combustion chamber and air-fume exchanger are entirely made of low carbon AISI 441 stainless steel to guarantee high reliability and long life.

With AH-Sport units, in case of replacement of the heating system, it is possible to access the tax deduction on the purchase price of the products and the construction of the system, including disposal of the existing system.

For the PK-Sport series condensing floor-standing generators, depending on size and space, the range of models available is from 100 kW to 550 kW.

The condensing basement generators have been designed both to increase technical performance and therefore safety and quality, and to meet the ever more frequent requests for customised solutions and adaptability to the environment.

These machines become an integral part of the building/installation system, whether industrial or tertiary.

The great flexibility, adaptability and possibility of customised installations make PK-Sport base-mounted generators a top product for all heating requirements.

The remote control of the new SmartWeb series acts as a stand-alone chronothermostat and can be used to control multiple types of systems.

The controls are easy to use thanks to a very intuitive management menu that makes these chronothermostats versatile and suitable for different needs and types of system.

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