Celenit panels against shattered ceiling’s  plaster fall

Celenit panels offer a great load resistance and can be used in gyms and schools, against the risk of accidental falling debris.

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Sound-absorbing wood wool coverings like the Celenit panels are the ideal solution for sports environments such as gyms, fitness centres, swimming pools and spas or wellness areas.

Such environments in fact require adequate acoustic design to ensure indoor comfort, make the atmosphere more welcoming and allow both intelligibility of speech, where required, and the possibility of being in a quiet and relaxing place.

Thanks to the special surface texture, wood wool panels are natural sound absorbers and ensure that noise is not completely reflected but partly absorbed and dissipated, avoiding the annoying phenomenon of excessive reverberation.

Maria Maltoni school – Florence – design: Municipality of Pontassieve photo: Simone Lopez _ Italsolid s.a.s.

Celenit acoustic panels offer a guarantee of durability, which we can define as unlimited, thanks to their resistance to ball-busting, humidity, chlorine and insects.

Celenit panels are the result of a natural manufacturing process using natural raw materials (wood, cement and water). The wood logs, exclusively spruce, come from forests that are managed in a sustainable way.

In fact, the logs are actually grown, i.e. they are immediately replanted after being cut. The sustainability of the wood supply chain is certified by the PEFC and FSC labels.

Celenit acoustic panels are always white cement and differ in the width of the wood fibre used in their manufacture. Panels with fine wood fibre are Celenit AB Panels and panels with extra-thin wood fibre are Celenit ABE Panels. AB panels are generally preferred for sports facilities, as they offer a good price-performance ratio.

Left: Doha School Sports Hall; right: Club Metropolitan Bilbao
(design B+R Arquitectos, photo Roberto Lara Fotografía).

Particularly interesting are the Celenit acoustic panels as a protection from shattered ceiling’s  plaster fall: they offer a load-bearing capacity of more than 500 kg/sqm and can be inspected.

These solutions make it possible to work in gyms, for example, where the risk of accidental falling debris can be eliminated with the application of classic Celenit ceiling.

The detachment and fall of the bottoms of bricks and plaster rubble from slabs made of laterocement is a very dangerous phenomenon that unfortunately occurs more and more frequently and it affects a large number of buildings.

School G. Marzotto in Brescia (design & photo: ing. Massimo Stefano)

It is a sudden event that can affect small portions of the ceiling up to complete collapse with devastating consequences: in addition to damage to objects there is a high risk to the safety of people in the environment.

Celenit anti-collapsing panels require simple, traditional metal structures and accessories, easy to find and install: it’s guaranteed speed and efficiency during installation as well as low material costs.

The know-how and experience of Celenit’s technical staff allow for design support from the earliest stages so that an integrated design can be carried out that also allows for compliance with the prescriptions of the CAM (Criteri Minimi Ambientali) in the context of “green purchasing” – or the same requirements in sustainability protocols such as LEED® or ITACA Protocol.

Lab Testing of the Celenit panels (photo: Istituto Giordano)

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