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Celenit spa

via Bellinghiera, 17 - 35019 Onara di Tombolo (PD)
(+39) 049 5993544    
Contact: Alessia Mora - amora@celenit.com - (+39) 389 2108409    


Celenit Isolanti Naturali

CELENIT has made sustainability its mission, producing thermal and acoustic insulation made from natural and sustainable raw materials since over 50 years.

It deals with thermal and acoustic insulation solutions, from the production of mineralised wood wool panels bonded with Portland concrete, to technical support for designers and companies.

The ACOUSTIC | DESIGN division identifies products of high aesthetic quality for acoustic cladding with visible finish, flexible design and excellent acoustic performance.

The BUILDING | CONSTRUCTION division of CELENIT identifies products for thermal and acoustic insulation of the casing and partition walls.