Econext technology for synthetic turf

Recyclability. Sustainability. Ecodesign. These concepts, which we hear about every day today, were understood by few when – more than 10 years ago – Corrado Salvatoni invented ECONEXT technology.

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This technology, which characterises Safitex Turf‘s strong growth path – in Italy and abroad – has been the subject of continuous improvements over time, thanks to the contribution of important partners of international relevance (such as Versalis, ENI group) and continuous research to provide concrete answers to a constantly expanding market.

How Econext was born

Creating a mantle according to the principles of ecodesign, in order to make a second life of the product concretely possible: this is how ECONEXT was born.

ECONEXT 100% recyclable is Safitex’s flagship invention, always being updated and improved. This invention was anticipated by a solid ecodesign, featuring a new, future-proof, fully recyclable PE backing.

The turf thus proves to be very economical when dismantling at the end of its life as disposal costs are avoided.

Its low weight allows for significant savings in transport as well as a real ease of installation, ensuring that the installation team has a lightweight, easy-to-handle product on their hands. The membrane does not freeze, does not stiffen and moulds to the base, compensating for minimal depressions (and has greater workability in all weather conditions). Thanks to its structure, it allows complete drainage over the entire surface and not only over the holes as with the traditional latex backing. It guarantees water retention that serves to mitigate high summer temperatures, and a superior Tuft Lock compared to different types of backing.

Econext in Italy and worldwide

ECONEXT, thanks to its technology, has obtained PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) certification since 2018 thanks to the collaboration with ENI Versalis which, together with Safitex, has undertaken the commitment to reduce the environmental impact at the end of the life of synthetic turf.

Thanks to all this study and the continuous improvement of production, over the years major projects have been successfully carried out on pitches or extra-outs in stadiums in partnership with some very important Italian sports clubs, such as: Atalanta, Inter, Venezia FC, Sassuolo, etc.

ECONEXT represents a technology that is widely diffused and used throughout Italy and in many countries abroad: the company has always wanted to invest and make this technology available to everyone, everywhere and at an accessible cost, creating a concrete basis to prevent the product from becoming waste, often uncontrolled.

Safitex has always believed that respect for sport should be in line with respect for the environment: this is why the company has always set itself the obligation to develop and manufacture products that, in addition to being recyclable, guarantee high performance and durability.

ECONEXT technology, combined with the best yarns and shockpads on the market, combined with the use of new types of infills, is the best answer to an increasingly selective demand for quality and sustainability for the small facility as well as the large stadium.

(News by Safitex Turf Srl)