The tennis in red by RedPlus

Redplus S.D. Swiss S.A. was founded in Lugano in 2014 with the specific intent to offer fans of red clay tennis a new product, innovative but with the great charm of the classic clay surface.

Also published in: Tsport 326

Everything comes from the great tennis experience of the Master Michele Corsiero in collaboration with his sons Davide and Simone, for thirty years on the courts, responsible for several tennis schools and a deep connoisseur and admirer of red clay.
“Why not develop a “red ground” project with extremely low maintenance costs but with top-level performance?” With this simple question Redplus started its adventure.
Made by laying a synthetic support that is filled with red earth of first quality, RedPlus can be installed on any new or existing underlay, and ensures the same characteristics of play typical on traditional red earth courts: the system is certified ITF 1 slow. In addition, like a normal clay field, RedPlus must be wet, with the difference that in a very short time the field is playable.

Initially focused mainly on the Swiss market in the Canton of Ticino, it is now the European leader in a product that has met with increasing interest from the most famous and well-known tennis centers.
Patrick Mouratoglou’s prestigious Tennis Academy on the French Riviera (coach of Serena Williams) was one of the first international companies to believe in Redplus projects.
Always oriented towards the future and innovation, but with great competence and experience, Redplus has managed in a few years to become a reference point for tennis professionals on clay courts.