Roller skating with Casali

Flooring in three versions designed to meet the strictest technical parameters required for this sport.

In the world of sports, roller skating stands out as an exciting challenge, – explains Mauro Moreschi, Sales Director of Casali S.p.A.Athletes practicing this sport demand top-quality surfaces for optimum performance and safety. Competitive roller skating presents different technical characteristics from recreational skating, encouraging us to meticulously design our ROLLERTOP roller skating pavements tailored to their specific use, consistently delivering exceptional performance”.

Casali Sport offers three roller skating surfaces versions, including the newly introduced ROLLERTOP PRO AS and ROLLERTOP PRO CC, designed to meet the sport’s stringent technical parameters and approved by World Skate for national and international competitions.

ROLLERTOP PRO AS suits inline roller skating on asphalt surfaces, featuring an acrylic finish engineered for a rigid, uniform surface with an ideal grip-to-glide balance, making it suitable for professional roller skating. ROLLERTOP PRO CC, on the other hand, caters to concrete surfaces, with a uniform, rigid finish and an excellent grip and glide properties, thanks to its specialized anchoring system.

The classic ROLLERTOP is the third option, suitable for artistic skating tracks and velodromes. It is designed for installation on bituminous mat substrates, offering a versatile surface that maintains rigidity, uniformity, and anti-slip properties. Its adaptability extends to various outdoor sports, including basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more.

With roller skating tracks worldwide, hosting National and European Championships and adhering to international standards and delivering exceptional performance, Casali Sport is ready to support athletes, clubs, and sports facilities in delivering top-quality and safety in roller skating.

The ROLLERTOP line completes our offers tailored to different sports disciplines, leveraging over thirty years of experience to ensure success and satisfaction for all athletes and champions.

(news by Casali Spa)