Space for sport and entertainment with CETA’s SeriesTM Telescopic and Prefabricated Grandstands

Designed with cutting-edge technology, the CETA telescopic grandstands are the answer to the need for indoor space for facilities dedicated to hosting large audiences in different types of events, from sports to parade to shows, where space seems never enough.

Livorno, PalaMandela

Sliding on wheels, the telescopic grandstands SerieTM are pulled out easily in a few minutes, providing spectators with a considerable number of seats, which can be arranged in a different way each time, thanks to the translatability of the structures.

At the end of the event with an equally simple and quick operation the stands can be closed, returning to have a minimal footprint, or they can even disappear into a space arranged in the floor of the building. In this way, the indoor spaces of gyms, sports halls, swimming pools, congress halls, cinemas, theaters and locations for events of great appeal can be organized with maximum flexibility.

The safety and comfort of the spectators are ensured by the different types of seats available, by the presence of decks and wooden sorting stairs and by the presence of protective sides. The stands can be on wooden benches, with monocoque seats in plastic materials (such as the DROP and GAME models) or with fabric armchairs with or without armrests (as the FIRST and TOP CLASS armchairs); many proposals to choose from, with solutions that wink at the design in full respect of ergonomics and safety.

The range of CETA grandstands includes not only telescopic grandstands but also prefabricated grandstands; with the M/2M and G2M series, as well as special grandstands made on request. The peculiarity of the CETA prefabricated grandstands is their modularity and interchangeability: the prefabricated structural elements of the M/2M Series, as well as those of the G2M Series, are modular, adaptable and interchangeable, allowing the realization of infinite combinations.

Among the CETA products for sport and entertainment you can also find stages, roofs and metal barriers, also available for hire.

(News by CETA Spa)