The new seating at the Druso Stadium, a work of the Milani Valerio Srl company

The Druso Stadium, in the heart of Bolzano, is characterised by two opposing stands: the Zanvettor, with its monumental 1930s fa├žade facing the city, and the Canazza, with its characteristic undulating roof that stands out in the profile of the Virgolo hill.

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The stadium has now been upgraded – by the architectural firms gmp, Dejaco+Partner and Bergmeister – with the elimination of the athletics track around the football pitch, and the renovation of the two stands, increasing the capacity from 3,000 to 5,500 seats.
The renovation work was carried out by Mak Costruzioni for the building works, while the furnishing of the grandstands was entrusted to Milani Valerio Srl, who installed two different types of seats produced by the Spanish company Daplast, a company with which it has established an excellent collaboration as a result of its experience and constant commitment in this sector.

In the Canazza stand, completed in 2020, both fixed seats (Model CR6) and folding seats (Model Avatar Compact Basic) have been installed; the same folding seats have also been installed in the Zanvettor stand, completed in 2021, in the different colours representing the local team, with different shades of red and white, passing through grey and black.
This new type of seat, designed according to the criteria of the UNI EN-13200 standards, and meeting the requirements of high-level sports facilities with FIFA/UEFA category, presents a design line that combines resistance, aesthetics and comfort, optimising the space between the rows of steps thanks to its reduced dimensions when closed, only 20 cm deep.
The seats are completely made of copolymer polypropylene, with UV protection and class 1IM fireproofing, and have been fixed to consoles made of hot-galvanised metal.

The Avatar model has also been used for the special sectors of the technical commentators and journalists, completed by the press stations, equipped with different types of electrical peripherals, with tables with folding tops, also supplied by Milani Valerio Srl, made of black steel, which give a touch of formal elegance while guaranteeing minimum overall dimensions and maximum comfort thanks to the high quality of the materials and maximum safety as all the parts in contact with the user are protected by nylon guards.
Milani Valerio Srl also installed the players’ armchairs on the benches around the pitch, in black with finished padding on both the back and the seat.

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