WM technics presents the urban cleaning revolution, Viroc Urban

The Viroc Urban from WM Technics is the machine designed to encompass three work areas in a single solution.

Also published in: Tsport 357

From the experience of WM technics comes Viroc Urban, the machine designed to enclose three working areas in a single solution.

A leader in the design of ice resurfacing machinery and solutions for agriculture, WM technics has been South Tyrol’s forge of innovation in ice processing and the creation of patented technologies for viticulture for more than 30 years.

WM technics models stand out due to their high level of user-friendliness, certified safety and strong digital imprint.

The Mammoth Autopilot 3D, an example of innovation and sustainability, is a prominent product for the management of ice rinks.

And it is precisely from the experience gained in both the ice and viticulture sectors that the latest proposal was born: Viroc Urban, the machinery designed to enclose three working areas in a single solution.

WM Technics Viroc Urban is in fact the revolutionary vehicle that combines the functions of road sweeper, street sweeper, snow clearing and lawn and park maintenance.

WM technics has designed this super-compact, full-featured model to offer concrete support in urban maintenance, proposing a new system for street cleaning in every season.

The Viroc urban is a vehicle that derives from the Viroc VR80, used in viticulture, whose basic characteristics it reproduces.

With its 75 hp in just 90 cm width, the Viroc Urban stands out for its unrivalled weight/performance ratio, making it manoeuvrable and capable of adapting to any urban context.

Moreover, thanks to its ease of use and small turning radius, impeccable cleaning is possible even in the tightest of spaces and in difficult-to-access areas such as city centres.

The new WM technics machine is also equipped with an innovative cab that is approved to be rotated 180 degrees and thus allows driving in both directions.

This attests to its versatility and enormous possibilities for use, positioning it as the ideal solution for the maintenance of city centres; its features also make it extremely functional for the management of green areas in parks and sports facilities.

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