Turriaco (Gorizia): Civic and School gym “PalaMarson”

The municipal gymnasium of Turriaco was reopened last November after its renovation into a sports hall.

Also published in: Tsport 338

After 3 years of construction, the works have returned a completely renovated structure in place of the old school gym, capable of accommodating 200 people (and up to 800 for cultural events), in the future available to schools and associations.

With the construction of the new gymnasium and the new changing rooms, the sports facility has taken on dimensions and functional equipment which, in terms of technical and architectural characteristics and the availability of seats for the public, allow various disciplines to be practised (basketball, volleyball, five-a-side football, dance, gymnastics and others), qualifying it as a true Sports Hall. In addition, a careful and targeted study has made it possible to optimise the spaces so that two different disciplines can be practised at the same time on the court by dividing the court with a mobile tent.  It should also be pointed out that the work on the completion lot included the installation of materials and internal finishes with specific sound-absorbing characteristics to optimise the acoustic aspects and make the hall suitable for musical performances and shows. 

The modest financial resources available in relation to the ambitious expectations of the Municipal Administration, directed the designers towards a very careful and accurate design both from a technical and economic point of view; each construction element was evaluated and sized to perform different functions, all the peculiarities of the materials were enhanced and the design led to obtaining a multifunctional building and highly efficient technological content especially in terms of energy.