Cernusco Lombardone: retopping of the athletics track

This year the municipal sports center of Cernusco Lombardone has also renewed the surface of the athletics track.

Also published in: Tsport 342

In the summer of 2020, in the municipal sports centre, with a loan from the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, the existing limestone sand training pitch underwent a complete refurbishment with the laying of an artificial turf surface. The centre also includes a natural grass football pitch, surrounded by a 6-lane athletics track.

Once this work was completed, the municipal administration approved the project to resurface the athletics track and its jumping and throwing surfaces.
The track had already undergone a complete resurfacing of its entire thickness in 2006. Due to the almost daily use of the facility by the local Polisportiva Libertas, the surface was so worn that the FIDAL, during a technical inspection, suggested that the track should be “retopped”. The track’s homologation expires in December of this year, and it was therefore necessary to adapt the structure in view of the renewal.

In detail, the new surface finish of the sports surface was carried out with a two-component polyurethane skimming compound, followed by the application of a second layer with a continuous, nail-resistant coating, applied in a liquid state, consisting in turn of several layers of self-levelling polyurethane for a minimum quantity of 2 kg/sqm.
The surface finish was carried out by manually seeding EPDM rubber granules with a controlled diameter of 1-3.5 mm, with blue colouring for the track and lighter blue for the footboards and lunettes.