Chieri (Torino): Restoration of the athletics track at De Paoli Stadium

The intervention concerns the renovation of the surface of an athletics track built in 1993 and now no longer usable in safety.

Also published in: Tsport 333

The new athletics sports flooring, waterproof type, is made with a synthetic poured multi-layer sandwich paving, IAAF – FIDAL approved, 13.5 mm thick. The flooring is made up of two layers, the first 10 mm thick, made with a prefabricated high-density black rubber sheet glued to the substrate using polyurethane adhesive. The same layer has been completely waterproofed with a coloured two-component polyurethane resin and subsequent sowing of coloured EPDM thermopolymer granules to a thickness of 3.5 mm.
The facility also includes the platforms for throws and jumps, which have been updated and repositioned in the most suitable positions.
All the equipment necessary for the performance of the athletics disciplines has been purchased, including high definition photofinish equipment.