Piombino (Li): The ‘Luciano Simeone’ athletics track

The redevelopment of the athletics track at the Luciano Simeone school field in Piombino allowed it to be brought up to Fidal standards.

Also published in: Tsport 353

The ‘Luciano Simeone’ athletics track in the municipality of Piombino is located to the north of the municipal territory in a building context characterised by the prevalent presence of buildings for residential use, the nearby Carducci-Volta-Pacinotti High School and the municipal swimming pool.

The facility was completed in 1985 and over the years it has undergone various extraordinary maintenance works, the last of which involved the resurfacing of the synthetic surface of the track and the platforms, as well as other improvements, aimed not only at restoring the degraded parts, but above all at bringing the facility in line with current FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation) standards.

In the light of the surveys carried out, and considering that the geometric characteristics of the facility complied with the FIDAL regulations, the “retopping” of the athletics track in Piombino was considered as a renovation operation, i.e. the replacement of the wearing surface, in poured over draining, solid-coloured, waterproof, compact, seeded topping.

A dark blue colour with RAL 5010 was chosen for the athletics track in Piombino, and a light blue colour with RAL 5015 was chosen for the platforms and external attachments.

The application of the polyurethane layer in the consumption rate of 2.5 kg/sq.m. was spread with a notched trowel, and the related seeding of the EPDM granules performed by hand.

Other works at the athletics track in Piombino involved the replacement of the gutter grid, located between the high jump platform and the track ring, for the disposal of rainwater; the restoration of the beaten boards of the long/triple jump run-up platform, the creation of transponders at tangents “A” and “B”, the concrete casting to protect the discus-hammer throwing platform, and the renovation of the hedge bank in accordance with current FIDAL regulations.