Rome: refurbishing of the “Fiamme Oro Rugby 1955” Sports Center

The existing rugby field and athletic track inside the State Police barracks, a sports facility of excellence, were renovated with a new synthetic turf on the playing field and a complete retopping of the track.

Also published in: Tsport 343
fiamme oro retopping atletica

The Fiamme Oro sports centre, at the “S. Gelsomini” State Police Barracks, will be entirely upgraded in 2021.
The purpose of the project is to keep the sports facility among the Italian excellences, a reference point for all neighbouring facilities for quality and efficiency, adapting the infrastructure to the quality and safety standards of the various national and international regulations in continuous evolution.

The project involved upgrading the rugby pitch by replacing the synthetic turf system with a new, higher-performance system certified by WR.
The new synthetic sports system consists of a high-performance prefabricated underlay without SBR, a 60 mm high artificial turf complete with a stabilising infill of natural quartz sand and a performance infill consisting of organic material of vegetal origin mixed with a percentage of encapsulated elastomer granules.

The redevelopment of the athletics track was carried out by means of retopping in compliance with the requirements of the FIDAL technical circular for subsequent approval.
The surface covering consists of a first layer made up of a self-levelling casting in two-component polyurethane resin, with the subsequent seeding of SBR granules; this is followed by the formation of the second surface wearing layer made in the same way as the first layer, and created according to the problems of the specific areas of intervention.