Lucca: School gym in the former Cavallerizza Ducale

A new gymnasium for school use with two locker rooms has emerged from the restoration of the former Ducal Cavallerizza in Lucca.

Also published in: Tsport 355

After having had the opportunity to analyze, in Tsport No. 353, a rehabilitation intervention on a historic building (read the article here), we see here a similar solution: the new school gym at the former Cavallerizza in Lucca, however, starts from a much worse condition than the building, and the rehabilitation is aimed, in this case, at a new sports function.

The Ducal Cavallerizza in Lucca was built between 1821 and 1823 for the Ministry of Public Education, which allocated it as a riding school for the riding exercises of the students of the Royal College and the Paggi Military Corps.

Three elevations and a cross section.

The former Ducal Riding School had been in a state of neglect for many years, representing a serious situation of decay in a strategic area of Lucca’s historic center. The Province’s project renovated the historic monumental complex, including space for a school gym and all necessary ancillary services.

Floor plan of the ground level and the portion of the rooms made on the second floor.

All the work for the school gym in Lucca was carried out in cooperation with the Superintendence, which protects the historic property, respecting its dimensions and architectural and finishing characteristics, and restoring the roofs, with wooden trusses, which had disappeared.