Ponte San Pietro: Sports Palace “Angelo Rottoli”

Inaugurated this summer the PalaPonte of Ponte San Pietro, the sports hall whose construction was heavily timed by Covid.

Also published in: Tsport 342
palaponte ponte san pietro
(Exterior photos are by the authors, interior photos are by the Tsport editorial team).

On the very hot afternoon of 13 August, the Mayor of Ponte San Pietro cut the ribbon on the sports hall, the construction of which was marked by the Covid epidemic, which reached its peak in the spring of 2020 in the province of Bergamo.
On this occasion, it was decided to pay homage to the boxer Angelo Rottoli, born in this area, champion in the 1980s and one of the first victims of the pandemic, by naming the new sports facility after him.
The designers have designed the PalaPonte to be modern, multi-sport and, above all, “sustainable” – as people say these days – with the utmost attention to energy efficiency and the choice of functional, “green” materials.

Among other elements, we would highlight the choice of a rubber sports surface with special characteristics of both shock-absorbing and high-performance response, with Greenguard certifications regarding the emission of harmful substances; or the acoustic quality of the sports environment, with the attenuation of reverberation time achieved by the internal covering of sound-absorbing panels made from wood wool.

The story of the project’s conception and implementation is entrusted to the architects of Studio Oberti.