Stockholm (Sweden), The Telefonplanshall

In the district of Västberga in Stockholm, a new sports hall was built to replace the existing one at Västberga School, located adjacent to the sports facilities.

Also published in: Tsport 334

The existing smaller hall with just two changing rooms was not good enough to meet the requirements of accessibility and frequency of uses.
The hall’s adaptation to the place, both towards the football field and the residential area at Klensmedsvägen, was our focus together with helping to repair the urban room and create identity for the complex.

Due to the small dimensions of the plot, the program is divided into two levels, which are connected by elevator and stairs. The building’s facades in the ground floor are made of brick similar to the adjacent area and the structure is glulam timber. The upper volume is covered with wooden ribs and has large light inlets.

The hall has also an art piece integrated on the western facade, where artist duo Cecilia Aaro and Matilda Fahlsten, starting from the building’s architecture, have created a pattern that conveys the feeling of energy and movement.
The hall gets a full-size sports hall and eight changing rooms, four for indoor sports and four for football or athletics.

The main entrance from the field has a hall with cafeteria. A staircase in the central entrance room, which also serves as a gathering area, leads to the sport hall on floor 2.
The location at the sport facility, located near the subway, provides good conditions for the hall to be used by clubs in the evenings and weekends.