Montreux (Swiss): Refurbishment of the Montreux Tennis Club

Ready to reopen after the covid lockdown, the 6 tennis courts of the Montreux Tennis Club have been repaved with a red clay hybrid system.

Also published in: Tsport 333

The courts of the Montreux Tennis Club reopened to the public on 11 May after closing down during which extensive renovation work was carried out.
The renovation of the club is a project, commissioned by the Montreux Tennis Club in collaboration with the municipality, which included the rebuilding of the six clay courts, now centuries old, in addition to the perimeter fence and the clubhouse with restaurant, also opened in May. For the tennis courts the choice fell on hybrid technology.

The hybrid technology is based on the use of a synthetic draining support and the use of a mix of red clay specially created for this type of solution.
The synthetic polyethylene support develops a height of 22 mm and is laid during the installation phase by splicing together various rolls of fibre, using splicing tapes and two-component red polyurethane glue. Then a very important phase begins: the filling of natural red clay.
Through a special sand spreading machine the synthetic carpet is clogged by performing several steps. At each step a certain number of kilos of material are released and enter the carpet filling it completely up to 3 mm above the synthetic fibre.
All these operations are interspersed with considerable wetting and taxiing until obtaining a compact and uniform surface ready to play immediately.