Multi-purpose sports facility in Ørestad City, Copenhagen

This public, fully accessible building in Ørestad City is also the smallest public building in this newly developed area. The sport facility is designed in close co-creation with the users, to cater and promote informal sports activities.

Also published in: Tsport 325

The Multi-purpose Sports and Community Facility is developed through a process based on collaboration with a dedicated group of users, local stakeholders and inhabitants to cater specific local needs. During an open process in the early and developing phase, architects facilitated workshops where the users dealt with priorities of activities and functions.

The building is open 24/7 to the public, school classes and local sports clubs and is divided into heated and unheated areas, with the unheated part as the biggest multifunctional spaces for different activities as basketball and floorball and the heated part as a space for dance, yoga, material arts or floor exercises for smaller groups.

As opposed to the surrounding buildings, the lowest point of the Multi-purpose facility is facing Ørestad Boulevard, and in this way meeting and welcoming the people in the neighborhood on ground level. Furthermore, the building stands out due to its green roof and wooden materials.

The relation to the surrounding park emphasizes the inclusive and accessible character of the building, that has no back, but a long unbroken strip of windows making the activities inside, visible from the park – and reversed.