Vittoria Park in Brembate: 4 km of bike trails

Vittoria Park is the first theme park in Italy dedicated to cycling, combining fun for enthusiasts with the research and development functions of the two-wheel tyre company.

Also published in: Tsport 349
Vittoria Park Brembate

On 21 October last, Vittoria Park was inaugurated in Brembate, in the province of Bergamo. It’s a park dedicated to cycling with 4 km of trails of all kinds that allow product testing but are also open to the public of amateurs.

In fact, the park was created on the initiative of Vittoria, the bike tyre manufacturer, which has its headquarters here.

The project covers a total area of about 50,000 square metres, almost entirely occupied by dirt tracks, equipped, ring-shaped, of variable length, made with permeable paving and natural materials (earth, wood and boulders).

Integrated into the project is the building called “Vittoria House”, inside which there is a reception area, a small farm shop, a bar/cold table, a conference room, storage areas for bicycles, an infirmary, service rooms, changing rooms and toilets for park users. 

In the area of the Vittoria Park in Brembate, there is an asphalt track, which encircles the entire park, with a gravel deviation and two parallel tracks that replicate iconic cycling roads, such as Strade Bianche and the pavé of Paris-Roubaix, as well as a 380-metre long jump line with drops of up to 2 metres. Inside, an articulated mountain bike course, with sections with stones, roots and rocks and various obstacles for fun and training. 

Outside these tracks, in addition to the product test section, there is an airbag for jumps (which also uses the clubhouse roof), a skill track, and a pump track, which meets the standards for hosting UCI races.