Upgrading of the football pitch in Romagnano Sesia (No)

The municipality of Romagnano Sesia, in the province of Novara, has carried out the replacement of the turf of the football field.

Also published in: Tsport 349
campo di calcio a Romagnano Sesia

Within the framework of the enhancement of its territory, the municipality has outlined as one of its priorities the functional adaptation of the municipal sports facility, with the replacement of the turf and the upgrading of the football pitch in Romagnano Sesia, in province of Novara.

After the removal and disposal of the existing synthetic turf, the sub-base was remodelled, also adapting the drainage system. The dimensions of the football pitch had to be changed slightly in order to adapt the safety strips to the LND regulations.

Virtual views of the Romagnano Sesia field

The playing surface of the football pitch in Romagnano Sesia was completed with the laying of a new, certified synthetic system that complies with the LND Standard Rules.

The 52 mm high turf consists of a four-colour monofilament, which is filled with silica sand to ballast the turf over the entire surface.

The performance infill is made of coloured refined rubber, obtained from the grinding of selected rubber, covered and encapsulated with a virgin polyurethane resin film, painted and ennobled with ecological and non-toxic pigments.

The area outside the playing perimeter was covered with a decorative synthetic turf with the colours of the Romagnano Calcio Sports Association, grey and red.