Anzio (Rome): the City of Sport

In Anzio, just 50 km from Rome (Italy), along the via Nettunense, the City of Sport is made of a sports palace and a swimming stadium, on a surface area of approximately 14 hectares.

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città dello sport Anzio

Swimming Stadium in Anzio (Rome – Italy)

Close to the Urban Centre of Anzio, just 50 km from Rome, along the via Nettunense, a series of sports facilities extend over a surface area of approximately 14 hectares, which is called ‘Città dello Sport’ (City of Sport).

Palazzetto dello Sport Giulio Rinaldi in Anzio (Rome – Italy)

The Palazzetto dello Sport is the latest facility to be completed and was inaugurated in August this year, with the dedication to the local boxing champion of the 1970s-80s, Giulio Rinaldi.

The complex is on two levels. On the ground level are the entrance hall with the ticket offices, the offices for the sports clubs, the athletes’ lobby with the changing rooms, the public toilets and a storage area for equipment.

Palazzetto dello sport in Anzio (Rome – Italy)

The sports field, of a size suitable for basketball, volleyball, tennis and five-a-side football, is paved with sports parquet. Fixed grandstands are arranged on two sides of the space.

On the second level is a multifunctional space.

The architecture is characterised by maximum linearity and relies predominantly on prefabricated components.

Swimming stadium in Anzio (Rome – Italy)

City of Sport in Anzio (Rome – Italy): the renowned Swimming Stadium

The Swimming Stadium underwent a complete renovation by the sports club that was awarded the management.

The roof was renewed, made with a system of tubular metal elements; the coating of the large pool was redone, with the raising of the sides and the creation of a new water overflow system.The changing rooms were rationalised and the entire plant system was revised. Most of the work on the facilities was necessary to bring them into line with current regulations, but it also guarantees greater efficiency in terms of reduced energy consumption and improved functionality and management