Reggio Emilia: pools covering in the swimming centre

Modern, energy-saving movable covers were installed on the pool of the Ferretti-Ferrari facility in Reggio Emilia.

Also published in: Tsport 353

A the Ferretti-Ferrari municipal sports centre for swimming in Via Melato in Reggio Emilia new pools covering have been placed indoor, with the aim of reduce energy waste.

The Ferretti-Ferrari has always been a reference point for the city of Reggio Emilia, both in the summer season thanks to the large solarium area and the outdoor pool, and in the winter season with three indoor pools, the largest of which is equipped with sliding glass windows that allow it to be used in all seasons. 

With an ever-increasing focus on environmental and energy issues, the Fondazione per lo Sport of Reggio Emilia has equipped the largest indoor pools with modern covering systems, with the aim of cutting energy costs and at the same time reducing water evaporation, thus improving the characteristics of the indoor environment.

The supply, carried out by Favaretti Group, foresaw for the 50-metre swimming pool the supply of 6 Multi Special isothermal foam sheets, white in colour; these, 8.33 m wide for a length of 20 metres, were placed perpendicularly to the lanes and rewound on MNR 50 trolleys in AISI 316L steel equipped with battery-powered motors.   

The same type of sheet was adopted for the 15×25 m pool: here, two 7.5 m wide, 25 m long sheets were supplied, with a similar rolling up trolley.

The isothermal foam covers are made of 100% closed-cell polyethylene foam with variable thicknesses. The foam is reinforced on the upper side with a thick PE raffia and, on the side in contact with water, with a transparent non-stick and scratch-resistant film.