Milan: Padel courts in the Get Fit Village in via Pinerolo

The Get Fit Village sports center was enriched this year by three indoor panoramic padel courts, in addition to the two outdoor courts.

Also published in: Tsport 340

The Get Fit Village is a club that, in addition to the traditional fitness areas, provides a complete wellness offer with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a thermarium, as well as tennis and padel courts, all created by radically transforming the existing structures on an area of 20,000 square metres in the prestigious and purely sporty area of San Siro.

The padel courts in the Get Fit Village have been organised in a layout that occupies the space between the clubhouse and the indoor gym and swimming pool building. Here, a covered structure housing three courts was built, alongside two outdoor courts.

The covered padel has a structure of laminated wood beams, with a double membrane roof made of polyester fabric coated with PVC; the three main bays are interspersed with bands of translucent single membrane, to give more light to the venue. The whole is supported by square-section galvanised steel pillars.

The outdoor and indoor padel courts are made of steel and glass structures of the so-called “panoramic” type. The playing surface is made of textured synthetic grass, the same type used in the World Padel Tour.