Prato: the re-landscaping of public gardens

In the intervention Urban Places, three gardens in Prato have been realized with the re-landscaping of the existing public areas.

Also published in: Tsport 351

The Urban Places objective represents a significant intervention of urban reforestation and re-landscaping of the existing public gardens affecting a very important area of the city of Prato.

The aim is both at physically constructing public gardens, as in the case of the Urban Innovation Plan at Macrolotto Zero (see Tsport 338), and at developing areas, including San Paolo and Chiesanuova, in such a way as to create new aggregation places.

These green spaces will encourage citizens to frequent them to carry out outdoor activities as well, in the logic of promoting healthy lifestyles in the area.

Three interventions are illustrated in the article.

Garden via dell’Alberaccio – San Paolo – Prato

Garden via Vivaldi/Via Boito – San Paolo – Prato

Garden Campaccio – Chiesanuova – Prato