Andora (Savona) – New synthetic grass soccer field

It was inaugurated last July 3, the new soccer field in artificial turf of the Municipality of Andora, “European Municipality of Sport 2018″, built with a mortgage granted at zero interest by the Sports Credit, which replaces the old gravel field.

Also published in: Tsport 323

The field, approved by the LND, will be suitable for both training and matches, from the level of the youngest boys and up to the Serie A. It is in fact the system, top of the range, already chosen by Bologna F.C. for the training center of Casteldebole, the subject of the ” Game Surfaces Study ” prepared by Prof. Testa, which involved several professional footballers for an entire season, demonstrating how this solution is comparable to a natural field (we talked about it on Tsport 320).

The artificial turf of 50 mm in height is composed of a fiber with a particular shape in two sections combined and bound, not twisted, with central thickening of diamond reinforcement, designed to ensure high strength, resilience and durability over time.
The synthetic grass is filled with a synthetic organic performance granule, produced with polymers of 100% thermoplastic origin, containing fibers of vegetable origin, not vulcanized.
The system has been completed with a high-performance three-dimensional modular grid underlay, designed to guarantee and obtain high drainage capacity while satisfying the maximum drainage values, both vertically and horizontally.