Castel Goffredo (Mantova) – Refurbishng of the soccer field in the “Don Aldo Moratti” center

The municipal sports center Don Aldo Moratti is home to several sports activities, from football to tennis to bowls. The intervention proposed here was the subject of a regional contribution and concerned the redevelopment of the football field and the area dedicated to athletics.

Also published in: Tsport 321

The new football pitch replaces two existing grass and sand pitches and was built with synthetic turf cover and vertical drainage.
The turf used is composed of a special fibre with a particular double “S” shape, reinforced centrally to guarantee very high resistance, resilience and durability over time. The special double “S” structure, thanks to its particular conformation, retains inside a degree of humidity such as to ensure excellent playing comfort. The special polymers of which the fiber is composed significantly reduce the coefficients of abrasion and refraction under the light as well as ensuring, after the footstep, a constant return of the fiber in a vertical position ensuring the optimal rolling of the balloon during the passages.

The performance infill, ecological and environmentally friendly, is composed of a mix of organic material of vegetal origin resulting from the defibering of parts of tree plants, completely free from foreign materials: in this mixture there is a percentage of granules of elastomer coated brown from the mechanical shredding of exhausted tires suitably screened.
The facilitiy is completed with a prefabricated metal grandstand, covered and lit, for less than 200 seats.
The area dedicated to athletics includes a 100-metre straight track and platforms for jumps; the restoration was carried out by sealing the cracks formed on the surface and applying a semi-elastic filler of uniforming acrylic resin.