Lecco: refurbishment of the “Rigamonti-Ceppi” Stadium

Always at the centre of the city’s sporting activity, the “Rigamonti-Ceppi” Stadium is the venue where the Lecco 1912 football team plays.

Also published in: Tsport 327

The current stadium was built in the ’20s on a previous playing field, the “field of Via Cantarelli”. The stadium has a capacity of 4997 spectators, placed in stands all close to the playing field. The main grandstand, the only fully-covered area, accommodates about 1000 seats.

The opposite stalls, behind which stands Mount Resegone, are only partially covered and can accommodate about 1700 fans. One of the objectives of the new sports club to which Calcio Lecco belongs is to give new impetus to the sports activity of the youth sector, taking into account the strategic position of the facility in relation to the city, with the possibility of bringing back a considerable number of boys in its staff, making the most of the construction of the new playground that was decided to provide a synthetic turf. The subfloor has been reconstituted, adopting the solution, provided for by the LND rules, of vertical drainage with aggregates. A FIGC/LND certified artificial turf system was installed on them, consisting first of all of a 62 mm thick polyethylene artificial turf mono-filament covering with a two-coloured helical shape, green, with polypropylene primary fabric with double cloth.

This covering is filled with stabilizing material of a vegetable nature; the performance infill, finally, consists of a natural vegetable mixture, derived from the processing of defibration of arboreal plants and processing of fibrous parts of cereals. To complete the project, an irrigation system with 24 sprinklers hidden in the ground was built.