Crema Tennis Club red clay courts

Five of seven courts in the prestigious tennis club are TOP CLAY® hybrid clay produced by Viganò Pavitex

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The Crema Tennis Club boasts a prestigious history rarely equaled by other Italian tennis clubs, in fact in 2008 it celebrated 100 years of activity with an infinite passion for tennis, full of strong emotions, great successes in competitions and great champions such as Panatta and Cané who attended the club.

crema pavitex

The structure has 7 courts, all built by the Play-it company, two acrylic courts and five TOP CLAY® hybrid clay courts produced by Viganò Pavitex.

The Cream TC is Tennis School recognized by the Italian Tennis Federation; the club has among its main objectives the promotion of tennis among young players and has chosen TOP CLAY®ITF Class 1 “slow”  – for its playing characteristics similar to those of a good traditional clay court.

TOP CLAY® guarantees regular bounces with intermediate height and is particularly suitable for the training of complete players: on clay you can learn all the tennis shots, improving play mobility but also physical and mental endurance, since the rallies are longer than on hard courts.

The choice of this surface is also interesting from a management point of view, as stated by Mr. Stefano Agostino, the president of the Club, with an extremely simple maintenance, you get performances that a new traditional clay court can achieve only after many hours of work; moreover, the draining capacity of the TOP CLAY® membrane allows you to quickly resume play even after heavy rains, considerably increasing the hours of use of the court in the season.

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TOP CLAY® allows you to play all year round, significantly reduces irrigation and maintenance costs, has no seasonal maintenance costs and allows all levels of play, from beginners to the highest competitive level. A winning choice from all points of view including the financial one.

Post by Viganò Pavitex Spa.