Sweden, here are the courts of the Sandareds Tennisklubb

Top Sand® the NEXT GENERATION of comfort tennis courts at Sandared Tennisklubb.

viganò pavitex top sand

50 km from Göteborg between the woods and lakes of Sweden is located the small but proud Sandared Tennisklubb boasting an Elite Series championship with its A League team back in 2005.

Founded in 1973, today it manages a solid and prosperous activity with Junior teams and a large percentage of adults training on its courts. The club has 3 indoor courts, 1 paddle court and 3 outdoor courts beautifully located near the Viaredssjön lake. For its 3 outdoor courts the club has decided to install Top Sand®.

As every year, the club organized last April the Spring Tournament Sandareds Vårturnering that was played on these 3 Top Sand® that do not require any spring maintenance and offer great playing features. As confirmed by Paul Ciorascu, coach of the club, the Top Sand® courts require no preparation and allow to resume outdoor play as soon as weather conditions are favorable.

According to coach, Top Sand® is really a good court to play on, with all the features of a traditional court but without its drawbacks: ball bounce is intermediate, not too high but uniform throughout the court. The ball never shows bad bounces (Top Sand® is classified ITF class 1 slow).

Coach Ciorascu sums up : “a Top Sand® court is a very good investment that would save you a lot of time and you could start the outdoor season much sooner than on normal clay”.

The system is composed of a fiber bonded synthetic membrane glued to the sub-base (draining asphalt,  porous concrete or an old hard tennis surface with slope) and infilled with ceramic quartz sand available in red clay or green color.

Top Sand® courts are the alternative to traditional and/or hybrid red clay courts; its features of play are similar to red clay, but maintenance is basically reduced to use of the drag mat as needed.

(News by Viganò Pavitex Spa)