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The TOP CLAY® Mobile Tournament Court was selected by the ITF as the official surface for the 2019 Worldwide Coaches Conference held in October 2019 in Bangkok.

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A Worldwide First. The TOP CLAY®  Mobile Tournament Court was chosen by the ITF as the Official Surface for their Worldwide Coaches Conference, October 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand. The primary reason: to stress the importance of teaching youngsters worldwide the benefits of learning clay court play at a young age.
The Worldwide Coaches Conference is the embodiment of ITF’s goal of growing the game worldwide. Coaches, development officers and experts in sport science and teaching have gathered from all corners of the globe, the Cook Islands to Kosovo and all points between. There are passionate advocates of wheelchair tennis, women’s coaches, elite juniors, seniors and late-starting adult novices – a new goal of the ITF is to make tennis the No.1 sport for over-35s.
Over 600 tennis coaches from a record 113 countries are in the house for the 2019 ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference presented by BNP Paribas. It’s the tennis United Nations, assembled around a specially laid clay court at the palace-proportioned Berkeley Hotel in downtown Bangkok.” (see the press release HERE)
The participating 650 coaches enthusiastically praised the quality of play they witnessed.
All the active participants on the TOP CLAY® Mobile Tournament Court felt play to be as good as the very best of clay courts worldwide.
The court was installed in less in 48 hours on the 11th floor of the host hotel, and taken-down in less than 12 hours. The TOP CLAY® MTC is a modular system assembled in 6-8 hours, the complete installation of the court, including the required 5 tons of clay infill, can be accomplished in approx. 24 hours and used up to 5 times. Dismantling can be done in approx. 2 hours, if necessary, and one 800 m2 court can be stored on 20 m2.
The portable TOP CLAY® courts bring the comfort of the Play on Clay everywhere!

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